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Weddings, Handfastings & Renewal of Vows

Thank you Kate for the thought and care you put into creating a beautiful and unique marriage ceremony for us. Your warmth and sincerity drew everyone together in a relaxed and attentive atmosphere. It was perfect!
John & Penelope Kempe-Lee

To offer your marriage vows in the presence of close family and friends – those who support you most in your life – is a joyful and affirmative way to begin your married life with your loved one.

If your wedding ceremony reflects the deepest aspirations you hold for your marriage, and your spiritual beliefs, you will be inspired to a deeper understanding of that love and your commitment. I will guide you as you reflect on, and write, the expressions of intent you offer to your spouse, and the vows you take. Because they will then be truly meaningful to you, they will support you both throughout your life together … "for better for worse, in good times and in bad".

All this can come together gracefully when I help you to prepare for your marriage. Whether you have faith and spiritual understanding, or none, I will ensure your marriage service reflects your beliefs and aspirations. You will have ample opportunity to discuss, suggest and choose music and words which resonate for you. (In Scotland, I may conduct the entire marriage, under licence.)


True love has the power to heal and transform the situation around us and bring a deep meaning
to our lives.

Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh.

I will be on hand to support you, throughout the time of preparation and on the wedding day itself … so that any doubts or fears you may have can be addressed beforehand and you may step forward into marriage with unhesitating love and commitment.

Yours will be a celebration of the love you share; a joyful blessing and witnessing of your commitments and aspirations for your life together.