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Spiritual Counselling in West Scotland

The aim of spiritual counselling is to help you with difficulties in your life by accessing your inner wisdom and truth, your intrinsic strength and joy. It is a process in which dis-ease gradually gives way to greater understanding, happiness and a sense of being at-ease.

If you are in distress or have a difficulty, you may simply need to talk … to be truly heard. I am available to listen so please contact me. My terms are flexible and the first conversation is free-of-charge.

In a safe space of complete acceptance, I will support your search for your next steps, your healing of trauma and negative self concepts. As you gain understanding of your true self and the strength of your inner spirit, so you will gradually feel able to release habits and fears which no longer serve you well. Authenticity will begin to replace fear; love will be more freely exchanged.

Much of our suffering, as I know from my own experience, stems from our damaged sense of self which may have been prompted by any number of events or circumstances, usually in our childhood.

By sticking to our habitual defences and reactions – generally fairly unconscious behaviours – we may seem to get by well enough. Inside however, we may be feeling miserable and cheated of life as we see others living it – happily.

Counselling can be a help in all kinds of circumstances. For you these might be:

As a professional counsellor, I have been fortunate in being able to talk with Kate when in need of another to listen while I
unburden myself.

I have found Kate to have an exquisite ability to quickly grasp the fundamentals of what I want to say, because she has the ability to really listen. She provides ‘space’ for one to explore what is going on, without interruption. Her patience is truly profound. In this regard I would place her alongside Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting
Bodhiprem Shapiro, MSW

Traditional psychotherapies address most of these issues, so why spiritual counselling?

As a spiritual counsellor, the transformational dimension I bring to this work is the recognition of the divine within you as client, within me as counsellor and in all that is around us. With the grace and wisdom of our spiritual selves, we can travel into the dark places with greater courage and journey more surely towards the light.

Meditation, prayer, silence and visualisation may all play a part in our working together.

Counselling sessions are available in Invernesshire and the West Highlands of Scotland and usually last an hour. After the initial session, they may continue by telephone rather than in person, if you prefer. You are free to decide how frequently to make appointments and over what period, though I will be happy to discuss this with you at any stage.

I am bound by the Code of Ethics and Practice laid down by the Interfaith Seminary and I am fully insured.

You are welcome to a three-quarters of an hour first visit or telephone call, without charge, to help you explore whether you would like to work with me. Please use the contact form to enquire about an appointment, or to ask me to telephone you.

Counselling is available in Invernessshire and the West Highlands of Scotland (including Moidart, Ardnamurchan, Argyll, Oban, Mallaig, Fort William, Morar and Lochaber).