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Other Ceremonies

Healing & Other Ceremonies

Kate's special insight and presence shines through in the ceremonies she offers. She has great skill and sensitivity in invoking the sacred and works consciously and creatively with both individuals
and groups.
She is committed to working in ways which reflect and support the uniqueness of our individual experience of the Divine.
Sara Trevelyan

A ceremony can be a potent and precious means of honouring a life transition or a time of vulnerability in our lives. Such ritual, when created uniquely to reflect our beliefs and our situation, helps us to understand and share what is most meaningful to us at that time.

Sometimes we gather to seek healing and support in the presence of witnesses – a service of blessing. Sometimes we are celebrating joyfully in the company of loved ones. At other times, we honour the ending of a relationship or the potential of new circumstances or journeys.

There are many occasions in which a ceremony may be helpful, especially:

As with all the ceremonies I create and facilitate, I will seek to reflect your beliefs and preferences in words, music and appropriate ritual, so that the occasion is truly meaningful and relevant for you and all who attend.

May all beings dwell
in the heart.
May all beings be
free from suffering.
May all beings be healed.
May all beings be whole.
May all beings be happy and at peace.
from Buddhist Metta Bhavana prayer